With an eating regime that prioritises protein to help with weight stabilisation and muscle health, I find ProJellyYo to be a great quick and easy snack or dessert.
Very low carb and high protein.


  • low sugar jelly crystals
  • high protein greek yoghurt
  • boiling water
  • protein powder (I prefer tasteless)



Boil enough water to make yourself a cuppa, and to have at least 250ml of boiling water left over.

Add 250ml boiling water to a large measuring jug or bowl.
It’s makes things easier later if you use a container that is easy to pour from.

Add 1 low-sugar jelly sachet to the boiling water.
Stir until dissolved.

Add 2 scoops of protein powder, and stir until dissolved.

Add 250ml of greek yoghurt.
Stir until dissolved and all ingredients are combined.

Decant into 4-6 smaller containers to make individual serves.

Enjoy once set.

Ingredients: jelly crystals, greek yoghurt and boiling water. Could not be easier!


Mix until combined then pour into individual serving sizes.


Taaa daaa.. Just grab and go!


Brain Blips



I vacillate between feeling confident that our Home and Farm are well stocked and that we are as prepared as we can be for whatever may next come our way – whether it be an unscheduled lockdown, to a cyclone, to not having a working car – and then next minute something tweaks my mildly prepperish brain, and I go into a bit of a panic that maybe I should be more prepared than I already am.

I think the thing that most tweaks this in my brain, is whenever I actually go in to a supermarket – especially in our local area where we have two – and I see that so many of the shelves have huge gaps from low or missing stock, or shelves that are just totally empty.
And it concerns me!

Is it because the Managers aren’t ordering in enough stock?
Is it because there isn’t enough actual stock to go around?

Maybe the doomsayers are right and I’m an oblivious naive twit!!??!!

No, i REALLY don’t think they are – but sheesh – some days that bit of panic sets in, and makes you question your own convictions…


food for the soul



One of the things that makes my soul feel satisfied, gives me a sense of pride, and brings me such JOY, is to be able to provide for my family one of the most very basic of foods:

Mixing up some bread dough

Dough proving in a warm spot

1 loaf done.

and some rolls…

All done for the week!


stocktake [oct20]


I’m again ripping the bandaid off and posting a simple stocktake of where I’m at right now.

Its been a weird month, and one in which I’ve been doing some soul-searching about the direction that this particular site should take – and even whether or not Continue reading “stocktake [oct20]”

the best day



I had the best day on Sunday!

We’d planned to sleep in, but our cats and dogs had other ideas, and decided to wake us up at some ungodly hour – and instead of going back to bed after they’d all had their morning constitutional, we decided to just get up and have our coffee and start the day.

The weekend before we had planned to Continue reading “the best day”

the murky depths [2]



In Part 2 we’re ready to talk more about those other things on the list in my previous post, namely: clothing, takeaways (food/coffee), cigarettes/alcohol, car expenses, meals, hairdresser / hair products / mani-pedis, social events and growing-your-own.

So – lets get into it!! Continue reading “the murky depths [2]”



On reflection – the other day, I was shown a perfect example of how I know I’ve changed over the last couple of years.
I had to go into town to do some shopping and plus a Physio appointment, but I was also going to the house in town prior to all that, to do some cleaning up.

I was halfway to town when I realised Continue reading “reflection”

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