Hi there!
I’m a Farmer, Wife, Mumma + Grand-Mumma.
A slow-living Writer, Homesteader, Permie and Minimalist and an advocate for living your best beautiful messy Life!

I’m also an avid reader and a cold water and hot coffee aficionado and always have a book and either a stainless bottle or cup by my side – quite often all three !
📓 ☕️ 🚰

I took early retirement to see if was something that would work for us as a Couple.
#SpoilerAlert – it does!

I was wanting for my world to slow down a bit, to be more enjoyable, more intentional, and definitely be more meaningful for my Love and I; so I’m now knee-deep in the process of crafting my way to a more intentional, soul-satisfying and simpler Life.

…and I’m LOVIN’ IT!

This is my personal take on the Adventures that have lead me to where I am today.
My own thoughts, feelings, triumphs and tragedies…you’ll definitely get a mixed bag of the good, the bad and the ugly!

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I sure hope you do!
The Simple Farmer

This blog starts many many years ago, so if you want to go back in time to the beginning try here, otherwise check out something more recent from the archives or recent posts listing.

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