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I vacillate between feeling confident that our Home and Farm are well stocked and that we are as prepared as we can be for whatever may next come our way – whether it be an unscheduled lockdown, to a cyclone, to not having a working car – and then next minute something tweaks my mildly prepperish brain, and I go into a bit of a panic that maybe I should be more prepared than I already am.

I think the thing that most tweaks this in my brain, is whenever I actually go in to a supermarket – especially in our local area where we have two – and I see that so many of the shelves have huge gaps from low or missing stock, or shelves that are just totally empty.
And it concerns me!

Is it because the Managers aren’t ordering in enough stock?
Is it because there isn’t enough actual stock to go around?

Maybe the doomsayers are right and I’m an oblivious naive twit!!??!!

No, i REALLY don’t think they are – but sheesh – some days that bit of panic sets in, and makes you question your own convictions…




I only work three days a week – Tues, Wed, Thurs – so I am lucky in that I get a four-day weekend.
In theory…

But these days – my work environment ramps up my anxiety like almost nothing else – so after those three days, I spend Friday pretty much uncoiling from thorough mental, physical and emotion exhaustion.
At least ½ of the day is over, before I start to feel even vaguely like ME!

Come Monday, although I try to schedule my day so that I am relatively busy and not giving myself too much time to think – I can still feel that no-so-subtle tightening in my chest and belly, as the anxiety begins to percolate deep inside of me – with the knowledge that tomorrow I have to go back to work…

Anxiety is such a futile, debilitating waste of time – and I gotta tell you – it SHITS ME OFF!!
[ohhhh for a magic wand…]

We’ve had some storms over the last few days, with good torrential downpours, so today while the ground is still nice and soft and the sun is shining, I am going to plant out some of the potted stuff from our nursery, rather than having to put them into bigger pots.

That will calm my soul!
At least for a little while…

How do YOU handle your anxiety?



A great article about anxiety can be found at “The Mighty“.


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