meal planning

meal planning



Do you do meal planning?

If not – why not?

I love to meal-plan, but I don’t always manage to get it done – and when I don’t get it done, I sure notice that the simple act of planning our meals for the week, spills over into other areas, and it makes life a whollllle lot more simple when i DO do it!!

Planning our meals means that I have the ingredients on hand that I’ll need for each of the meals, and it means that I don’t buy a pile of crap when I go to the supermarket, that we won’t eat, that we don’t need, and that will end up going in the compost bin or being fed to the chooks.

Planning meals also means that we can plan to have enough excess to take to work for lunch the next day.
Win, WIN!

Let me know how you go about your meal planning – or maybe even what your favorite go-to recipes are – I’d love to hear about them!

Meal Planning

This is what’s on the list in our house for this week.
I’ll often switch around the meals, depending on what we feel like on the night, and what the weather is like – but with a plan in place, I at least know I have everything i need on hand to make whatever it is we feel like having! 🙂

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