simple food

Simple food makes me ridiculously happy.

I’m somewhat a creature of habit – but particularly so when it comes to what I eat when I’m home alone during the day.

Its very rare for me to have breakfast so I tend to have my first meal somewhere between 11am – 2pm depending on what I’m doing on any given day; and it also depends what we had for dinner the night before as to how early I get hungry.

As a support to my simple-living and minimalistic choice in the way that I live my day-to-day, I find it much easier to eat the same thing which is usually a home-made (and often home-grown) fresh fruit salad, with a few blobs of home-made yoghurt.

This is my go-to midday-ish meal when I’m at home working.

No: I don’t get bored by it.  😁

The fruits I use are ever-changing depending on the season, as I only buy in-season fruit.
I also vary the flavours I make of yogurt.

Additionally – I always make sure I make it in a bowl that I find visually pleasing – because…well – I deserve it!

Obviously we occasionally go out to eat, or we will plan to have a special lunch to share at home like fish + chips.

But every so often, I go off-script and have one of my other favourite solo meals: pâté on toast.

Today was one of those days!

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down in the quiet at the table to eat my meal while looking out over our garden with my cup of tea.
And yes – thank you very much… it was DELICIOUS!!


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