making friends part 2



So after talking about how difficult making friends is – and how bloody rubbish I am at it – a strange thing happened the week before last…

I had two ‘coffee dates’!!

One Friday – one the following Monday.

The one on Friday was the second time I have had coffee with this person, who for the purpose of lessening confusion, we’ll call Person A.

At that stage, I was still in the “i don’t know if she’s my kinda people” stage of things, and whilst there was a lot about her that gelled with my ethos etc, I just wasn’t fully convinced that this was going to be a worthwhile investment for either her or me….

The following Mondays coffee date was someone I have known for quite a number of years. (yep, Person B)
We originally met at work, and these days we work pretty much parallel to one another.
She’s someone that I don’t spend any real social time with usually, but that I do trust to keep my confidences anyways…

Sooooo – I was talking with her about my recent ponderings on ‘friendships’ and how difficult I find them to navigate them, and she is very much in the same boat, as we are both hermits-by-choice outside of work.

I went on to tell her about the two coffee dates that I had had with Person A, and was giving her a run-down of what had transpired on each ‘date’, when I noticed her face was looking more and more incredulous.

And as I was talking, and actually listening to myself talk – I was putting these two seperate events with the same person, into one almost-combined story, and it gave me such an incredible dose of clarity that it actually had me quite gob-smacked for the rest of the day!!

You see, when events happen separately, we tend to tell people about them separately.
For example, each time I had had coffee with Person A, I had come home and told my Love all about it.
What we did, what was said, all the sort of waffley stuff you talk to your Spouse about…

But these coffee dates were a couple of weeks apart, so me giving my Love a rundown of the mornings were obviously also a couple of weeks apart.

But when I was talking to Person B about them, I was telling her about the two events all at once.

And boy oh boy – did that make things sound a whole lot different to my ears, to what I had previously thought I was thinking!!

It was an amazing epiphany – and I think there was even the whole ‘parting of the clouds with rays of sunshine shining through‘ to go with it!!!

Anyways – the upshot of it all is this:
I am going to be brave!

I’m going to be ‘investing‘ in Person B – I’m going to be vulnerable and raw and honest – and all I can hope for is that I come out the end of it with the friend that I think is waiting there for me – and not with feelings of regret and wariness or a whole new level of being reserved and guarded instead…

Wish me luck please!

making friends part 2

todays view


Todays view isn’t too shabby, I just gotta say!

I might need to be getting some work done today, and being that its Saturday – it’s ‘traditionally’ the day that I try and get a lot of my inside chores done – but also a day that I try and get some writing accomplished, as well as some podcast-listening squished in there as well.

All this is – of course – washed down with liberal amounts of coffee. lol

Anyways – just thought I’d share, because this is most definitely one of my happy places!

Todays View






I’ve spent my “free-time Friday” this week, moving furniture around a bit within our little home.

I’ve now made room for my writing desk to go into our living room space so that it will front on to the big glass doors, which means I’ll now have a lovely view of our garden to look out on when I write, instead of only being able to see the top of the trees – which was my previous view from the dining room table – due to me being ‘horizontally challenged’ 😀

I love our garden so much – and love to take my laptop outside to write, when the weather is being kind – but of late its either been blisteringly hot, or pouring with rain – and as we don’t yet have a covered outdoor area, it means I am confined to indoors during those times.

Right now, we don’t use our lounge-room area a whole lot – its more of a winter area for us in the evenings; but when I’m home alone, I’ll often use the area for reading, otherwise it doesn’t get a lot of traffic – so I’ve been looking at ways to re-jig it, so that it not only gets more use, but is a more practical space for us.

And what better way to do that than to incorporate my writing desk into the area!

I have also been keeping a look-out at the tip-shop and the second-hand shops for a day-bed, which I will put along the wall that currently houses a huuuuuuge lounge-chair and a chest of drawers.

The drawers will move to the next wall over, and the lounge-chair will probably be sold.

We don’t use the lounge-chair, and rarely have visitors who would use it – so its just being a space-sucker!
(although our puppies may disagree with my opinions on this particular piece of furniture)

Its all a work in progress, and today I’m loving’ the progress I’ve made! 🙂





My lovely calm writing space.
You can see the view I have, in the title Image for this post




Today is different.

Today I got out of bed quite well rested.
I had a really decent sleep last night, because it rained through the night, and i always sleep soooo much better when it rains.

I have also taken a fortnight off work – which actually winds up being 18 days – so that is a big load of stress gone off my back for the time being!!

And to top it off, I also slept well because My Love & I came to a very important decision last night, Continue reading “today…”

coffee, coffee, coffeeee

There’s no two ways about it…I’m a coffee junkie!!
A usual day for me is at least 4 cups — 6+ if I’m at work.

BUT – I very rarely buy takeaway coffee.
Theres two reasons…
I make a great cup of coffee – even if I do say so myself – so I’m more than a bit of a coffee snob but even more than that, I’m a coffee CUP snob!

Takeaway coffee can be dodgy at the best of times – unless you get it from a regular place, with a regular barista – but it realllllly shits me paying up to $5 for something I can make for about 40c at home, which I know will taste great every time.
But what irks me even more, is takeaway cups!!
They are shit for the environment, and to cap it off, they usually taste like shit too…!

My preferred coffee cup is a double-walled stainless thermos type, with a closable lid – to keep my coffee hot hot HOT.
I soooo don’t like lukewarm coffee. lol

Last weekend, I somehow left alllll of my stainless cups out at the Farm – which meant that I had to use one of my other ‘travel’ cups for work this week – and it darn near killed me!

My coffee didn’t stay hot for longer than a half hour, and the coffee certainly didn’t taste as ‘good’ as it usually does.
It may well have been psychosomatic – but thats totally irrelevant!! lol

Soooo – I planned to duck out to the Farm this morning before going to the supermarket, to drop stuff off that I’d packed in the car earlier in the week; and intended to grab one of my cups while I was there…which of course I got sidetracked with unpacking stuff and forgot all about – until I got to the supermarket, and went to take a quick slug of coffee before going in, and was greeted with a mouthful of tepid coffee from the non-stainless travel cup. BLERCH!!!!

And this is how I ended up with another beautiful double-walled stainless cup…

Needless to say – I got home from the supermarket, unpacked the groceries while the kettle was on to boil, washed out my gorgeous new cup, then promptly made myself a delicious hot cup of coffee, in my new cup, in celebration.

Ahhhhhh – its gooood..!


I usually have purple cups, but this one just looked too unusual and delicious!


Spoiling myself…

Today, I decided to spoil myself a little.

So I’m sitting in the sunshine, in my car, about to head in to do the grocery shopping – having myself a latte, enjoying the peace and solitude 🙂 Yaay ME!

(Added later: and yes – I am someone who hates buying takeaway coffee in general, and especially without using a keep-cup, and whilst I almost always have one on me, I didn’t on this particular day.
I ended up using the cup to plant a tree in.

Still not ok with it – but it was the best I could manage at a pinch!
And THIS is why I tend to not spoil myself with ‘gifts’.
You end up with shit you didn’t want or need, just for a momentary pleasure – that can often lead to long-term feelings of guilt or inadequacy!)

[rant over lol]

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