Spoiling myself…

Today, I decided to spoil myself a little.

So I’m sitting in the sunshine, in my car, about to head in to do the grocery shopping – having myself a latte, enjoying the peace and solitude 🙂 Yaay ME!

(Added later: and yes – I am someone who hates buying takeaway coffee in general, and especially without using a keep-cup, and whilst I almost always have one on me, I didn’t on this particular day.
I ended up using the cup to plant a tree in.

Still not ok with it – but it was the best I could manage at a pinch!
And THIS is why I tend to not spoil myself with ‘gifts’.
You end up with shit you didn’t want or need, just for a momentary pleasure – that can often lead to long-term feelings of guilt or inadequacy!)

[rant over lol]

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