Today is different.

Today I got out of bed quite well rested.
I had a really decent sleep last night, because it rained through the night, and i always sleep soooo much better when it rains.

I have also taken a fortnight off work – which actually winds up being 18 days – so that is a big load of stress gone off my back for the time being!!

And to top it off, I also slept well because My Love & I came to a very important decision last night, that we’ve tossing around for about a year now, and whilst I can’t yet talk about it – as there are still details to be ironed out – its a BIG thing for us both, and I truely believe in the long run will be better for us both…
(cryptic enough for ya..?!? lol)

So – my attitude was much improved right from the get-go this morning!

I didn’t get to go and work at the house in town yesterday, thanks to my monumental meltdown – so I planned to go in today to make up for it, which i did.

I got heaps done.
Finished sanding the bedroom wall, and got a coat of paint on it.

Put a second coat of paint on the fridge recess.

Finished 90% of the gapping in the bathroom.
But I can’t reach the other 10%. lol

And I even got 2 of the walls in the downstairs toilet cut in and ready to go over with a paint-roller.

Came back home to the Farm and got the dishes and kitchen benches sorted, and am about to do the vacuuming.

I am enjoying one of my favourite podcasts while I work, and yesterday I actually managed to ‘downgrade’ my Apple TV box – after following directions online on how to do it.

I don’t know if anyone else uses Apple TV (which we actually love for its convenience) but the last upgrade of the operating system to IOS11 was just shitful!
It took away a whole range of useful features – and added a whole pile of features that are so clunky that it was just beyond annoying to use.

So – yesterday I ‘downgraded’ the box back to IOS10, and its soooo nice to have the useful features back!!
And as a bonus – i felt pretty clever doing it. lol

It won’t be a long-term solution, as Apple will force an upgrade at some point, but at least we now have a bit of grace – and hopefully they’ll fix the glitches in the meantime!

I hope the rest of you have a great day and get to do something that makes your soul happy.
Take care of you!

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