waiting scared


I am SO damn frustrated and cranky today!!!

There are a few things that have ‘led’ me here – but I guess the main one is fear and concern for my Family….

My sister, nephew, his wife and their two kids live in the BVI, and hurricane Irma has just gone through, and absolutely devastated the area.
My Family members are currently ‘missing’ – having not been heard from in over 48 hours now.

We’ve been searching online, ringing, posting, asking everywhere we can think to – all to no avail thus far…

I had decided that as its one of my days off from work, I should go into town and get some work done on the town house, as apart from a bit of a sort-through that bathroom cupboard a few days ago, I haven’t been in to get any cleaning or anything done since the kids left almost a week ago.

Soooo – the place in an absolute mess.

I got some stuff sorted, and other stuff thrown aways, from the kitchen, and I also managed to get a first coat of paint rolled onto the hallway walls while I was there, but it will need another coat, and then I’ll need to go back around it twice more once its dried, to do all the edges – but that will have to wait for another day.

The bath and vanity alone took me over an hour to clean – which just made me super-mad, that anyone could leave someone else home in this state! (let alone family that had been here to help!)

And then I got mad at My Love – cos she goes to the house daily, and had to spend about 45mins there just yesterday, waiting for a bloke who never turned up – and I couldn’t for the life of me see anything that she had done about the place, other than feeding the cats and putting empty cat-food tins in the kitchen sink!!

And then I got mad at the builder, who hasn’t been back to the house in over three weeks, and has left off ¾ of the way through doing the deck roof, AND has left his work-shit spread everywhere…!

And then I got mad because I’m MAD AT EVERYONE!! 🙁 🙁

The waiting for news is doing my head in – I hope they’re okay… 😐

fruit & veg bags

Its been a damp drizzly cold morning, so I decided to drag out the sewing machine and knock up a few things with some “leftovers”.
First up was a pair of old cotton curtains that have seen better days, and are not longer of use in keeping the heat/cold out of the house, so they were sewn together to make bed/couch cover.

Then I used up a lace curtain, that just doesn’t fit with our idea of ‘decor‘ – which I made into bags to store fruit and veg in, in the fridge – and some will be used to cover ripening fruit, so the wildlife doesn’t steal it all.
They’re welcome to some excess, but they aren’t very good at sharing, so we’d rather it was us to be the ones to decide how much they get – not them! .

Next up is going to be an old super-light-weight shower curtain, that I am going to make into bags to take grocery shopping, so that I can put fruit and veg in them, instead of using the plastic bags that the supermarket provides.

The material even has a fruit & veg motif printed on it, so I reckon thats pretty darn appropriate! 😀

Hope you are having a nice day, and whatever you’re doing – I’d love to hear about it!

pottering & potting


This morning, while I’m having some up-and-about time, I’m doing some seed-planting, ready to get some autumn/winter crops into the big vegie gardens.

Will hopefully have a decent strike rate, although I can’t quite remember how old these seeds are, and they haven’t been kept in the most favourable of conditions since they found their way out to the Farm 😐

Its lovely to be feeling useful though, and getting my hands a little bit dirty. lol

Putting in a variety of different seeds, to see what sort of shape they are in, after not being looked after very well during the transition from Town to Farm…

owie update



Its time for an owie update folks!

I’ve been going to the Physio, and doing my exercizes for a few weeks now – and as promised it’s time for an update.

I’ve been managing to get around much better – and have been getting up to five hours straight of sleep, which for me is almost unheard of.
The usual is 2-3.

The Physio has been really pleased with how quickly I’ve progressed, and her enthusiasm and encouragement has been giving me a lot of confidence in myself, and in the ability of my body to get better from this – and it’s been keeping my optimism at a high – which has been great.

We’ve had the threat of a cyclone looming for the last week, and whilst it thankfully (for us) headed south and removed us from its path – in the days prior to it moving its course, we were on watch and cleanup mode – most of which we did on Saturday.

We didn’t have a lot to stow away at the Farm, but there were a pile of empty pots, and some rolls of wire, and the shipping container needed reorganising to be able to fit extra loose objects in, like wheelbarrows, tools, gates and such.

I did most of this by myself, as my Love had work appointments.
But I went slowly and carefully, and did all the jobs mindfully and with care.

Sunday morning rocked up, and getting out of bed was rather an ordeal, but after getting going, the rest of the day went ok, and I just pottered about doing Sunday-type stuff.

Monday morning getting out of bed was difficult and hurt.
I took some pain meds which got on top of it, and whilst I was uncomfortable for most of the day – I managed.

Tuesday is one of my (paid job) work days.
I was woken by pain at 3am.
Tried various positions, got up and had a walk and stretch, but after 45mins and being reduced to tears from the pain, I gave in and took some meds, and finally got to doze about an hour later, until the alarm went off just before 6.

Getting out of bed was hell.
I cried.
Going to the toilet was hell.
I cried.
I took meds as I made coffee.

By the time the meds kicked in and I got sorted for work – I arrived at work about 30mins later than usual – but thankfully my Boss is pretty relaxed and understanding about that…

I spent a lot of the day getting up and down, and wriggling about, so that nothing would ‘seize up’ too much – and midmorning I phoned the Physio, requesting if they had an appointment I could have today, instead of waiting for my 3:45pm appointment the next day.
Alas – my Physio was booked out – so I’d have to wait.

About an hour later the Physio rang back.
They had a 330 appointment if I could make it?
Yes please!

So I leave work, go to the Physio, and check in at the desk, then sit to wait.

After about 10mins, the receptionist comes over and tells me my appointment is for tomorrow.

I explain that I’d received a call to change it to 330 today.
No, says she – it’s 330 tomorrow.


I called you in desperation to get an earlier appointment, and you call me back later – to change my appointment by 15 minutes..??!!??


Yep – that’s what they did.

I left and went out to my car.
Tears welling.
Just as I was pulling out, the receptionist came out to the car.
I could come at 10:30 tomorrow if I’d like?
Yes please – I’d like!

So here I sit in the waiting room once again – hoping to lift my spirits and my pain, and get back some of that optimism…

Fingers crossed!

I’ll let you know how I go,

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