waiting scared


I am SO damn frustrated and cranky today!!!

There are a few things that have ‘led’ me here – but I guess the main one is fear and concern for my Family….

My sister, nephew, his wife and their two kids live in the BVI, and hurricane Irma has just gone through, and absolutely devastated the area.
My Family members are currently ‘missing’ – having not been heard from in over 48 hours now.

We’ve been searching online, ringing, posting, asking everywhere we can think to – all to no avail thus far…

I had decided that as its one of my days off from work, I should go into town and get some work done on the town house, as apart from a bit of a sort-through that bathroom cupboard a few days ago, I haven’t been in to get any cleaning or anything done since the kids left almost a week ago.

Soooo – the place in an absolute mess.

I got some stuff sorted, and other stuff thrown aways, from the kitchen, and I also managed to get a first coat of paint rolled onto the hallway walls while I was there, but it will need another coat, and then I’ll need to go back around it twice more once its dried, to do all the edges – but that will have to wait for another day.

The bath and vanity alone took me over an hour to clean – which just made me super-mad, that anyone could leave someone else home in this state! (let alone family that had been here to help!)

And then I got mad at My Love – cos she goes to the house daily, and had to spend about 45mins there just yesterday, waiting for a bloke who never turned up – and I couldn’t for the life of me see anything that she had done about the place, other than feeding the cats and putting empty cat-food tins in the kitchen sink!!

And then I got mad at the builder, who hasn’t been back to the house in over three weeks, and has left off ¾ of the way through doing the deck roof, AND has left his work-shit spread everywhere…!

And then I got mad because I’m MAD AT EVERYONE!! 🙁 🙁

The waiting for news is doing my head in – I hope they’re okay… 😐

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