update – jan21

update jan21


Without further ado, I’m again going to do the “Take Stock” thing that I do a couple of times a year.
So here’s what’s going on with me right now!

Making: a list of the meals we are going to have this week.
Spending a small amount of time meal-planning at the start of each week can sure save a lot of indecision, angst and impulse buying later in the week!
Cooking: bread – and it smells sooooo darn good.
I probably won’t eat much if any of it though, as I have been limiting my gluten for the last few months and am feeling better for it.
Drinking: coffee + water always, and finally back to having the occasional tea.
I miss in when I ‘go off’ tea – which tends to happen at least once a year, and lasts for a few months.
Its annoying!!

Reading: The Celestine Prophecy (again), The Minimalist Home, Barefoot in the Bindis, This Farming Life, The Year of Living Danishly and my usual cluster of ebooks on numerous devices.
Wanting: to get the rest of the plants in the nursery that are ready to go out – planted.
Looking: out the window at a day that is full of raindrops, from Cyclone Imogen.
Playing: radio ABC
Deciding: which job I should tackle first today, so I’m procrastinating by writing!
Wishing: that I had better rainwater storage
Enjoying: listening to the sound of the rain on our tin roof

Waiting: for a break in the rain to take a load of rubbing to the dump
Liking: that the rains mean my summer garden will grow for another few weeks

Wondering: if our very dear friend will make it home from Melbourne as planned

Loving: having some quiet-time after the hustle of the xmas / new year goings-on
Pondering: how incredibly stupid covidiots are!
Considering: how I’m going get our old fridge out to the shipping container, to store it until it sells
Buying: a new fridge.
The one we bought last year was far too deep and we routinely ‘lost’ stuff in it, and it was very difficult to access anything easily.
First world problems, but super frustrating…

Watching: Less Is Now (not a fan of it personally), revisiting Heartland – its mindless pre-bed viewing. lol
And I’ve often got YouTube on in the background when I’m doing inside chores.
Marvelling: at the glistening raindrops that balloon and hold for what seems like an impossibly long time, before falling off the ends of the leaves on the ginger.
Cringing: at some of the sayings that have come about during the pandemic.
Every time someone says ‘new normal’, I just wanna smack ‘em!!
Needing: to dust. But….wellll……meh!

Questioning: why people can’t just do the sensible thing when it comes to keeping a bit of distance.
Smelling: coffee and rain
Wearing: shorts, bra, polo shirt, belt and thongs (soo n to be boots)
Following: mostly simple, minimal themed threads and pages
Noticing: that I hadn’t realised it; but I needed a bit of down-time

Knowing: that the garden is gonna be veryyyy soggy when I get back out there, but the dirt will be soft, so I’ll need to put on wellies (rubber boots) for the next week or 3 when heading out to the paddock.
Thinking: That with the dirt being softer, I need to take advantage and fill up some extra garden beds with soil from the pile out in the paddock.
Admiring: the heavy mist that is hanging in between the ranges in our valley
Sorting: the sideboard.
Its a collector of crap – almost like its a person in its own right! lol
Getting: some of the rain coming into the house, and needing to lay out some towels to mop it up.
Bookmarking: a few articles I’ve seen on fb that I want to get back to when I have time, to read.

Coveting: keep-cups – STILL!
– I’m now very sure its an actual addiction!
Disliking: how I can’t find any hired casual help for the farm for a decent fee.
Opening: up the fans so I can give them their fortnightly clean

Giggling: at Mabi.
She makes me smile and laugh a lot.
Feeling: so blessed and grateful that I am able to be a Farmer-Wife.

Snacking: on cheese popcorn.
Came across it accidentally and its amazzzzzing!
Wishing: that our Melbourne mate would just hurry up and leave his job and come home for good!!
Helping: myself!
By doing a regular declutter and clean-out, it keeps my mind decluttered too.
Mess and disorder makes me incrementally crazy.
Hearing: still listening to the rain on the roof, and ABC in the background.
Will probably put on a podcast once I have finished this, and get stuck into doing the inside chores.

I would love you to put your own version in the comments section below, for me to read! :)

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