feelin’ fresh!

Feelin' Fresh

I’m a-feelin’ fresh!!

Here we are with the new year rung in, and it already feels like its only 5 minutes away from the easter festivities – for those whom celebrate such things…

Of course there were many comments, memes and such about happily seeing the end of 2020 and all that it bought with it – and I do understand that sentiment.
2020 has been a year that no-one could possibly have forseen in their wildest imaginations.
It has been a year of sadness, ill-health, a global pandemic, and the deaths of over 1.5 million people [to date] world-wide.

It was the year of me having quit my job to see how we felt about me being a work-at-home Spouse once again – only this time it would come without the child-raising shenanigans in tow – which then ended up being a time that I spent 16 weeks at home without leaving the Farm even once!

A grandbaby that we worried would never see his first birthday has done so, and is growing healthily in leaps and bounds.
A new granddaughter also joined our family back in August.

We haven’t seen some members of our Family for well over a year, and with outbreaks routinely happening across the country, it may be quite some time still until we do get to see them.

A couple of weeks ago I missed the funeral of one of the women who helped raise me to be the woman I am today, and who was ‘there’ for me, when my own mother was not.
I know she knows I love her though…

And today, my sister is flying from BVI to North Carolina, then on to LA – then on to Sydney to quarantine for two weeks.
(assuming they dont change the rules for the eight hundred and fifty billionth necessary time!)
At 68 she is returning ‘home’ having lived in the British Virgin Islands for many years.

Her usually busy work schedule fell away in March last year and she has been eking out an existence since then but now knows her time there has come to an inescapable end.
She has to come home.

My heart yearns to be back in New Zealand, but that is not a realistic possibility at the moment either.

However — I feel so incredibly fortunate to have the safety and security of our little Farm that I can revel in and work on; and which fills up my soul with wondrous moments each and every day.

I’m looking forward to 2021 with its infinite possibilities for joy, contentment, intentional reflections and the new opportunities and connections that it will undoubtedly come with it!

I hope you are too…

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