Choice or Decision – is it either?


Almost every single day, something happens that reminds me that we don’t have long on this planet – and that maybe I’ve got a little less than that.

But some days it crashes in on me, and almost suffocates me.

I get so overwhelmed with such a deep fear and sadness, and such a feeling of helplessness that I almost can’t breathe.

And I feel like I’ve got so very little control of my future.

It makes for a decision that I just don’t know how to make….

I’m going HOME…


31 days, and I’ll be HOME.

It isn’t where we live, but it’s where I feel I belong.

It’s the place I want to make our home.

When I get off the plane, even though we’ve still got a couple of hours drive ahead of us, I feel like I just want to cry, I’m so damn happy to be back.

I relax.

I instantly breathe easier.

Every single fibre of my being exhales.

I don’t understand it – and I don’t care that I don’t…

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