stocktake [jun19]

Stock Take



Without further ado, I’m going to do the “Take Stock” thing.

Here’s what’s going on with me right now…

Making: a bit of a tidier ‘nest’ for our daughter who is due to give birth in less than 36hrs.
Cooking: not much at all just yet, but it will be our ‘turn’ in the coming days.
Drinking: coffee always, and finally back to having the occasional tea.
Reading: 30,000 bottles of wine…, and a couple of ebooks.

Wanting: everything to go well with our daughters caesarean
Looking: at vertical blinds and wondering who ever thought they were a good idea?
Playing: “Ticket to Ride”, a new thing that our daughter and son-in-law introduced us to last night.
Deciding: on what I’d like to do as my ‘three things I’d like to do while we’re away
Wishing: that the headache I can feel looming isn’t going to happen!

Enjoying: a bit of a time-out, doing some writing while the others watch tele
Waiting: for Thurday when the grand-daughter is being born
Liking: getting to do regular ‘mummy-type’ housework, and have gone to the Movies today for the first time in over 20 years!
Wondering: how My Love is coping with being away from work – she’s been managing pretty well it seems so far!
Loving: the unusual sounds of the City (though I’m glad we don’t have them at home!)

Pondering: how much we should ‘stand back’ when the new family comes home, and how much we should ‘help out’ – I feel like its going to be a strange dance…
Considering: whether or not I am going to need to buy warmer clothing while we are away, or whether I can get by with what I already have
Buying: a lovely new slim-line stainless water bottle today
Watching: crap tv with intermittent sound
Marvelling: at how much like a ‘newly’ our daughter is being during her first pregnancy

Cringing: at how I perceive myself right now…
Needing: to give myself a break – and alternately a kick up the ass!
Questioning: how I can make the change to my life that I feel that my sanity is hinging on
Smelling: shop-bought wash powder – its incredibly strongly scented, after making our own for so long.
Wearing: a skivvy with a dress over the top, and leggings [no shoes]

Following: Simple living and dog training blogs
Noticing: what an amazing cross-section of kids we have
Knowing: that when I get home – I’m going to need to debrief
Thinking: about forgetting to buy an extension cord and lamp today, but also about how good the movie 2040 was!!!
Admiring: the way that the sun comes in to the little front garden of the unit we’re staying in

Sorting: out what I’m wearing each day, and aiming for whatever is most comfortable
Getting: freaked out about not hearing anything about how my darling doggo Mabi is doing, while I’m away
Bookmarking: articles I haven’t had time to read, but want to
Coveting: keep-cups – I’m pretty sure its an actual addiction!
Disliking: some parts of me…

Opening: my phone to message my Love
Giggling: at how stupidly funny we constantly are!
Feeling: vaguely headachy, and fairly tired
Snacking: on nothing – we’ve just come in from going out to dinner
Wishing: I trusted and backed myself just a little bit more sometimes

Helping: in any way that I can with the domestic chores at our daughter and son-in-laws home and hoping I will be of some use to the new family, and not be in the way too much!
Hearing: a tv that’s on too loudly, a jet flying over, and the sounds of the city! 😐

I would love you to put your own version in the comments section below, for me to read! :)

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