Wk 14 of ’23



The week that was – also known as ‘What Happened in My World Last Week“!
Week 14 of 2023.

Might do a weekly update – or more often – post.
Might also fail miserably at it!

I guess we’ll all stroll along having a slow wander – and see what happens.

This week we’ve had 17mm of rain.


My Sister left on her journey to the BVI to be with her Son whilst he is having surgery, and to help out with looking after their Children.

I had a Telehealth appointment with my Dietician to see how I am tracking with my eating and weightless.
She is happy with how I am going and has suggested that we catch up again in a month, as I seem to be on the right path for my body, and am doing well.

I emailed my Surgeons Receptionist to get the forms I need to have the tests required to investigate my ongoing pain issues under my left ribs.
Initially she only sent through the ultrasound scan to have a look a the liver lesions that the Surgeon saw during my recent surgery, so I replied and asked for the extra forms required to investigate the actual pain (?spleen pain?).
Dinner: fish stir-fry

We had to go down the hill to the City to do a few errands, as well as having lunch with a friend who was in the City for work from down south.
We also had to pick up my new glasses that I ordered a couple of weeks ago, plus the two tubs of Formulite from the Dieticians office.
In a big bit of excitement – we also got a call that our Bus was ready to be picked up from the mechanic!
Sadly, once again we got part of the way home and the battery light came on, and the Bus will again need to go back for more repairs.

This has been such on ongoing ordeal for the last two years that in all honestly we are almost at breaking point with knowing what to do…
We have again contacted the Company – and await what their next plan of action will be.
Luckily – we managed to at least make it back home.
Dinner: leftovers of fish stir-fry

I had to go in and do a collection at the bank after making a cash deposit last week that apparently didn’t go through to the account I had wanted it to be deposited into.
When I got back to the car after collecting it, I opened the envelope to put the cash in my purse, only to find they had issued a cheque!
This just recreated the depositing issue, so I had to go back into the bank and request that they accept the cheque back, and reissue cash, which they thankfully finally did.

I combined the town trip it with dropping off a book I had sold, getting some more soluble fibre and some kiwifruit (apparently this is the best solution to my clunky bowels according to the Dietician) and also went to the post office and collected the mail and a parcel.
The parcel was my biennial purchase of moisturiser, which I buy in huge bulk tubs.

Still nothing back from the Surgeon, so I have emailed the Receptionist – again!
Dinner: mash and gravy

I did a small pre-long-weekend grocery shop, and I had to get a gas fitting as one of our old ones seems to have disappeared.

We’ve got a glut of eggs at the moment as I’m not eating or using as many as I used to, so I 
cooked up a dozen eggs for the animals dinners over the coming few days and I also cooked a weeks worth of chook food.

My friend L came for a visit and we chatted and had coffee for a lovely hour.
Dinner: butter chicken

a public holiday – Good Friday.
My Love was home from work for the day and helped out in the garden making a new garden bed out of some old ones.

Our garden guy MG came (his wife came too for some reason!) and did some weeding, cardboarding and mulching of our driveway garden.
Its looking so fresh and lovely now!

Not long after lunch a huge storm came through with lots of thunder, lightening and a short sharp bursting downpour.
We watched the latest Downton Abbey movie whilst it went over, and it was lovely.
Dinner: beef nachos

my Love worked in the morning, and I spent time reading, writing and making animal food.
Side is still sore and I rang to make an appointment at the Clinic this moring thinking it would be open for emergencies – it wasn’t.
Not sure whether to go to ER or not as yet..
Feeling a bit like a ‘fraud’ because I’m not in screaming agony, but I would rather not reach that point, and I’m scared that that might happen…

When my Love went back out for another appointment in the afternoon, I mowed the house-yard and some of the paddock.
It’s still very boggy down the paddock though, so there is a limit to where I can mow.

We went out for breakfast to a cafe at the top of the range.
It was nice, and we shared a ‘big breakfast’.
The rest of our day was spent quietly together.

Next weekend we’re going away for two nights, so we’re both really looking forward to that…


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