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this week



One of the things that give me ‘anticipatory’ anxiety, is Mondays – the day before I have to go back to my paid job.

Whilst I am winding it down, and getting it to a place where I can hand it off to someone else; I need to stay in my current role for the time being – until we have a few more ‘ducks in a row’.

Because of the stress, anxiety, and depression that this job is flooding me with, Mondays are a bit of a dodgy day for me, as whilst I don’t have to go in to work on that day – I do have to organize the week ahead to help make the household run smoothly for the rest of the week.

So I now try and intersperse Mondays with blocks of me-time, doing small chunks of something that I like – so that I can give myself the time I need to be mindful about not getting all frazzled about the week ahead.

Those blocks can be anything from reading a chapter of my book to watering the garden to having a coffee in the sunshine, to planting some veggie seedlings…

One of the things I like finishing up on a Monday though is my ‘This Week’ page of my diary / planner / bullet-journal.
(call it what you will! lol)

It’s a bit of creative downtime, and whilst I am not very artsy or craftsy, it doesn’t matter – it brings me some peace, quiet, and happiness – and stills my mind for a while…

What do you do to prepare for the week ahead?

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