Happy Birthday Kayd 💜

Our only grandson – via our eldest daughter – is three today!

It doesn’t feel like three years ago, that my Wife and I sat in the waiting room at the Hospital, sitting on the edge of our seat, waiting, waiting, waiting…

We were both exhausted with nervous tension, willing Kayd to get his stubborn little butt out of his mummys tummy – and to give her some rest – before the real-life hard work really began in earnest!

We both cried huge tears of relief, when he finally made his appearance, and we knew that he and our ‘little girl’ were both safe and healthy.

He’s a gorgeous boy, (nope, I’m not at all biased!!) and I love him to pieces!
And our Daughter is doing a pretty fine job too!! 😉 <3


What to do?!?!


Soooo – next weekend, I get to have a few days to myself — sooo, what to de eh!!??!!

Our grandson turns 3 next week, and there is going to be a party held in his honour.
But…I’m not going.

We’ve decided that my Wife will go on her own, and I’ll hold down the fort here.

Plus, it’s just not my kind of scene…
a) it’s out of town
b) we have to fly and drive to get there
c) I don’t happen to believe in having a big ‘piss-up‘ party, for a three year old.

But we do need to make an appearance of some sort – so the Mrs gets to do the honours this time round.

So this week I get to plan out how I’d like to spend the time flying solo, and I’ve decided I’m going to make it some good ole fashioned ME time!!!
(we’ll see how it all pans out I guess lol)

What I’d like to do:
– get rid of the ciggies in my system
– get 2 of my tattoos touched up
– have a bath
– do some gardening
– catalogue some books
– clean out the cars
– watch some junk television
– maybe even hang some art

Sometime next week, I’ll try remember to check in and we’ll see just what I did end up doing…
Probably nothing on the list!! 😐

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