gettin’ closer



Its a year on from my “one step at a time” post – and I’m reflecting a bit about where I am now as opposed to this time last year.

Some things haven’t yet changed.

I am still at my job as a Manager, I am still working three days a week, and I’m still not a full-time HouseSpouse.

A lot has change though…

We have the house in town on the market – for sale.
We have moved full-time into the FarmHouse.
We have stacks of garden beds that are flourishing with edible produce, that fills our bellies with wholesome homegrown goodness.

We have enough surplus veggies that I am able to do canning so that our pantry shelves are stocked with a variety of foods that we know the ingredients of, and I routinely make our own bread.

We have chickens that supply us with all of our own fresh eggs, and we home-cook 95% of the food we eat.

I have managed to reduce our food budget substantially.
I have also paid off a lot of credit card debt, and will hopefully have paid off the remainder of it in less than a year.

We also no longer have cable tv or home phone line payments to have to find the money for.

I have reduced my clothing spending significantly, although we are going to need to buy some new-to-us work shirts soon, as the ones we currently share are getting a bit faded and threadbare lol.

And – we’ve reduced our power and water consumption!

I may not be as close to where I want to be as I would like – but I am certainly a lot closer than I was a year ago – and for that, I’m pretty darn proud of the headway I’ve made…


3 thoughts on “gettin’ closer

  1. Hi Sarah, Ive just started reading your blog and I can plan to spend some time today reading through older posts. Im on the same path so it will be interesting to follow you and hopefully gain some inspiration and tips. cheers Louise

    1. Hi Louise. Thanks for popping in and saying Hi!
      Great to hear from you 🙂
      Do you have some sort of ‘plan’ in place for the direction you’re heading?
      I’m always interested to hear how others do it :))

  2. Hi Sarah, Im still working full time but Im trying to make sure that I use up everything that my property provides for us. Yesterday it was 1 fig and 3 spears of asparagus and tomorrow a whole bunch of bananas will probably start to ripen. Its finding the time to ensure that nothing gets wasted and also continue to look after the trees/plants/animals we have. its a balancing act. I dont really have a plan and I should set my mind to creating one.

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