Wk 16 of ’23



An update of the week that was.
Week 16 of 2023

Monday – we had breakfast at Petes again before packing up and getting the car sorted for the drive home.
I had a bit of a vomit after we got back to the room from breakfast, after eating a small portion of bacon and egg.
I’m now pretty sure it’s the heavy bread that’s doing it!
Had to retake my multivitamin, and I’m sure the vomit would have screwed with my fluid intake for the day!

We went to Bunnings to get some flower and veg seedlings as a treat, before heading back up the hill to home from our two nights away.
On the way home we collected the dogs from the kennels, who were very happy to see us.
It was a nice break, albeit far too short to really relax much at all.

Tuesday – I went into town to have an ultrasound scan in the morning for my liver lesions.
After a couple of questions from me, the sonographer admitted that I also had a lot of gallstones.
I’m still annoyed that my gallbladder wasn’t removed during my surgery – but more annoyed at myself that I didn’t ask for it to be done!
The rest of the day was a Housework catchup day.

Our garden guy came for 2 hours before the rain started, and he managed to get the new ‘monument’ bed cardboarded and half-filled with organic waste before using the last of the trailer soil to top it off.
Its not quite full though, so we will need to get another load of soil from the landscape place up the road.

Wednesday – I spent most of the the morning working in the garden, pruning and pulling up the rampant comfrey and getting the hoop-covered bed ready for planting some brassicas in the coming weeks.

I had a small tin of tuna with some crackers for lunch as a good quick protein hit, and then did a run to the dump in Noah (bus) to the dump to empty the recycles.
I got the ‘foamies’ after dinner – but managed to stave off the vomit.

Thursday – I had to drive down to the city for my CT scan which is to investigate the pain im having in my upper left quadrant.
I felt pretty icky when the contrast was first injected, but was ok again once I sat back up.
It ended up being a fairly ‘quick’ 4½ round trip, and whilst I called into BCF and Anaconda, it was mostly just to waste time until it was time for my scan.

On the way back home, I stopped at the top of the hill to get a mini sausage roll.
It ended up making me sick and I had to pull over twice on the way home to be able to throw up.
Maybe it was too oily, I don’t know – because I sure chewed each of the bites (all two of them!) til they were mush.
But then again – this baby belly doesn’t seem to like mush too much…

Friday – I had to go into town early to collect groceries and garden stuff, so that I would be back in time for the electrician to come and fix our oven which has been out of action since November.

I mowed for most of the afternoon, however took an hour or so break to go back into town as I had a Physio appointment for my knee.
I feel like its slowly getting better.
I actually managed to get the whole of the house yard and paddock mown, except for the short bit along the eastern fence line where its still too boggy to be able to get the mower to.

On the way home from grocery pickup, the engine light came on in the Mazda.
Seriously – cars will just not give us a break at the moment!

I took the bus to go to the Physio, as we can’t get it into the mechanic to get looked at until Wednesday of next week, so I’ll be driving the bus to go any place I need to go for the next however long.

Saturday – started with me taking the bus into town to get some medications from the pharmacy, whilst my Love took the trailer and went and got a fresh load of soil from the landscapers.

I had been going to get some work done in the garden, but it ended up being a quiet day of reading, writing, YouTubing as it was very windy along with squalls of rain.

Sunday – went into town early to get some paint to coat the timbers that need replacing in the vegie garden, and also some black paint to revamp our Farm signage as it’s starting to get a bit ratty looking and needs a touch up.
Couldn’t do the touch up though as it ended up raining.

Went to go out in the bus for a drive to the lake after packing up a picnic, only to get dpf error come up on the instrument panel, so we need to work out how to clear that as it looks rather convoluted in the manual, and we’re assuming that once again it will need to go back to the mechanic down the hill.
Distressing and exhausting
I now have no car to drive!

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