dehydrating virgin

Today I had my very first go at dehydrating – pretty exciting stuff I tell ya!!

Ok, so it might not be what gets your average Joe or Jill excited, but I can think of endless possibilities with being able to successfully dehydrate stuff.

One of those is not running out of stuff so often – because you think you have some of whatever-it-is-you-need, in the depths of the freezer someplace…but one of the biggies I can see, will be storage.

We are a family who are very big fans of one-pot-meals, especially when things get busy.
Those one-pot-meals often contain a lot of varieties of vegies, as its a really easy way to ensure we’re getting something nutritious into us.
We are also a Family who will soon be moving into a 63 square metre space – which will have very limited storage.

Part of that limited storage, is not having endless freezer space, and one of the things that takes up a truck-load of room in our freezer, is vegies.
Whether store-bought; or vegies that have been home-grown and then frozen during a glut – they take up a lot of valuable freezer space!

So we’re saving space where we can – and this is just one of those places – food storage.

I gotta tell ya – this is waaaay cool!

2kg of mixed vegies, and about 400g of mushroom, all shrunk down to 4 jars.
And I could have easily done it in two, but as shelf storage in the kitchen isn’t an issue quite yet, I decided on one jar of each for storage, and one jar of each for current use.

I think I’m going to be doing quite a bit of this dehydrating lark, as its a wonderful way to stockpile food goodness 🙂

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Sitting in the dehydrator, ready to be processed.
All nice and dryyyyy
2kg of mixed vegies.
2kg of mixed vegies, and about 400g of mushrooms – all shrunk down to THIS!
Pretty cool huh!?!?!!



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