It’s been a while, cos I seem to have got caught up, with Life getting in the way of doing some writing.
Which is stupid of me, as writing always helps me give clarity to my thoughts!

I guess the fact that I haven’t been a very happy grrl, in general, factors into it too – because I annoy myself when it seems that all I ever feel or do, is to bitch and whinge – so I’m not really hangin out to annoy others [lol].

But there’s one thing thats for damn sure – I’ve just been sooooo fucking ANGRY!!!

It basically stems back to my July post about:- walking the walk, if youre going to talk the talk.

I am just so incredibly fed up, pissed off, hurt and a million other conflicting emotions, with people who are just so full of shit!

Maybe my ‘standards’ are too high, in that I expect from others, what I expect of and from myself.

And I sure as hell dont think that I am any kind of martyr or do-gooder, or that I am any better than anyone else – thats for absolute sure.

Infact, I think that I am probably harder on myself than anyone else could ever possibly be, when I deem that I have been less-than, or that I think I have failed, or that I have screwed up in some way, or not ‘performed’ in the way that I could or should have.

Ya know, some days, I want to turn my back on every thing, and just walk off into the mist…

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