a strange pleasure

Many would think I’m very odd – but one of the lovely things about the early part of my day when I’m at the Farm, is doing the dishes.

I have an old ‘bench’ of sorts, outside partially in the undercovered area, where I have my plastic dishwashing tub – which I fill with water from a bucket and a boiled kettle.

Standing out there, amidst the trees and our collection of potted plants, up to my elbows – swooshing warm sudsy water over the dishes, just gives me such a peaceful feeling – and at the end of it all, I have lovely clean dishes, and a sense of accomplishment to start my day off with…

It’s one of those times when it’s all about how you view the task at hand.
I choose to view it as a relaxing, cathartic accomplishment which I’ve done well, and that I have every right to be proud of.

What better way is there to start the day, than in being proud of a job well done! 😏

Not everyone’s idea a of an enjoyable chore, or an ideal place to do dishes – but it sure is MINE

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