op shoppin’

One of the things that I’m getting back into the swing of doing, is going to ‘op shops’.

For the uninitiated – these are shops where you can buy pre-loved goods.
These can be anything from building materials, to clothing, to kitchen ware, to electronics, to furniture – pretty much anything you can think of really….!

At the moment, I have a vision of a particular table in my head, so on my way to the grocery store today, I popped in to our local furniture store to see – just out of curiosity – how much this little ‘vision’ of mine would set me back.

$599 – and that included 4 chairs. To me, that’s a lot…and as I’m still working at my paid job, that’s almost a fortnights wage for me!! 😐
Lucky I’m not one of those people who feels they have to have brand new!!

I’d also decided to peek in at the price, because one of my favourite Op Shops is only two doors up the street, and I’d planned to visit there for the first time in over a month.

And this morning I scored!!

Nooooo – they didn’t have my “vision table” lol – but they did have some other stuff I’ve been wanting to get a hold of…

I walked out with what I consider to be an excellent haul, and all for under $20.
Gotta be happy with that…!

I got:
– a mid sized wok with lid
– a roasting pan with rack and lid
– an ‘Alladin’ hot food storer
– a yoghurt maker
– 3 books: ‘Blueprint for a Green Planet‘, Family Circles ‘Jams, Pickles and Chutneys‘, and a book on bread-making with a bread machine, called ‘Hot Bread‘.
– a brand new leather wallet with rfid protection,
– aaaand, I even managed to get 3 chokos, which I am hoping that I can get to sprout, after my precious choko vine came to an unintentional demise.

How’s that for a haul eh..!!??!! Second hand does not mean second best!

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