Taaaa Daaaaa!!!


taaa daaa back fence

Taaaa Daaaaa!!!

So here it is.
The reason we had a Tradie in.
A nice new HIGH fence!!!

Our backyard fence hasn’t really been a problem as such – but our backyard neighbour, well that’s a total other story!!!

He’s a sticky beak, a peeping Tom, a nosey-parker, a snoop…

It’s not that we do anything even vaguely exciting in our backyard, but it seems that’s irrelevant!

And on top of that, he likes nothing more than to torment our two small dogs Hamish and Molly.
He will actually stand at the fence, leaning over the top of them, barking down at them to encourage further, the barking they’re already doing – cos he freaks them out!

It is absolutely maddening.

Well, NO MORE 🙂

He may well be able to stand there, he may well be able to bark, but none of us can see him – so if nothing else, that is a total blessing.

It will also help his lifespan somewhat – cos I’ve seriously been considering shooting him 😀

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