A Story of Determination

This is the story of a girl with the most amazing determination…

MaryKatherine was born 6wks premature, in an era when preemies that early often didn’t survive.

Even though at that age she didn’t know anything about her very difficult start to Life, a couple of months before her fourth birthday, she was asked what she wanted for Christmas.
Her answer was, that she wanted to be “a baby doctor“.

A couple of weeks ago, she had a huge exam which she sat a year early, and was the youngest to do so.
It’s a notorious exam – with very few passing it on the first attempt – and it’s only held once a year.
Some of those sitting it were in their third go round…

Today, that determined, amazing, tenacious brave woman got the results.
She passed her final exam.

She is now a Paediatrician.

MaryKatherine is also our youngest daughter.
We’re two very proud Mummas…


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